de stress tab

  • Calming nature-friendly images
  • Simply navigation
  • Simple, detailed organization


Simple, clean design


De-Stress Tab is simple, clean, and visually appealing.

User friendly


Navigate and operate your tabs without hassle. It's so easy you can do it with your eyes closed.

Uplifting images


Brighten up your mind and day with the De-Stress Tab images that get you up and thankful.

Inspiring and Nature

Relaxing Images 


Excellent organization


A tab-like no other. De-Stress Tab organizes tabs with similarities. Customize and organize your regular searches and make working and studying easy.

Calming images


De-Stress Tab is the Carmeli tea your visuals need to relax when you've got so much to do. With natural, beautiful images, troubled minds will be still.

Inspire each moment


Motivate yourself to do anything. Every time you turn your browser up, you get words that fuel your goals.